Vintage G Plan Bookcase Glass Cabinet Teak

Vintage G Plan Bookcase Glass Cabinet Teak

SKU : D594

A vintage bookcase cabinet by G Plan.


Is has 2 sliding glass doors at the top and an adjustable height glass shelf inside. There is a cut out in the shelf so that you can put tall bottles inside at the back. I dont think this is original but very handy and well done.


At the bottom are two more sliding wooden doors and the gold G Plan stamp is inside. It has a few ring marks at the bottom so it has been turned over to look better and now the G Plan stamp in underneath. 


The unit is very strong and sturdy.


Light oak.


Clean and tidy with a few ring marks.


Height 85cm
Width 91cm
Base Depth 33cm
Top depth 22cm


Top glass cabinet
Height 37cm
Width 87cm
Depth 24cm


Lower cabinet
Height 35cm
Width 87cm
Depth 27cm