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Purchasing vintage and antique furniture over new ones is a fantastic and sustainable solution to today's world where so much is used and discarded unnecessarily. We are all trying to do our bit for the environment so why not make sensible decisions to reuse and purchase items that will have more use and a longer lifespan? Not to mention the fun and knowledge you gain from sourcing such items.

We enjoy reusing and restoring vintage furniture and other items to be used again and again whilst looking stylish and adding character to your home thus reducing waste and helping to divert it from the waste stream.


As you may have noticed, we are eco-conscious and these are just some of the ways we try to help the environment:

Energy-saving light bulbs.

Minimise as much waste as possible.

Green energy supplier - Octopus

VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)  free Oils and paints where possible. We select water-based as a preference.

Try to save as much water and electricity as possible.

Our packaging uses recycled cardboard donated to us or we purchase LOOP cardboard which is 100% Recycled Material and 100% Recyclable.

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